About Us


A-pro Binaa, is a company formed in the year 2012 with an on field experience of more than 15 years in catering to all GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) and GRC (Also called GFRC - Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) requirements in Construction, Building Exteriors, Interiors, and Landscape Areas. We take a great pride in our crafts and our reputation for providing top quality products.

We also consider customer service as our top priority.

All our products are guaranteed againts factory defects, and because we are local, we offer fast turnaround times on customer orders.


GRC - Glass Reinforced Concrete is popularly known as GRC or GFRC all over the world. Broadly the formulation of GRC product is a mixture of 40% Black/White Cement, 40% Fine Aggregates, 0.4% Plasticizers, 4% Polymers, 11.5% - 14% water, 3.5% - 4% of Alkali - Resistant chopped Glass Fiber and sometimes exposed aggregates for rough finishing and special designs.

GRC products are formed by a variety of manufacturing techniques. One of the most versatile is to cast the composite in molds manufactured from rubber, timber or Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP/FRP). This is known as Premix GRC. As the high - performance Alkali resistant glass fibers are evenly distributed in the mix, the material is reinforced throughout, enabling products with the finest of details to be created.

GRC is used to create beautiful architectural moldings and features. Whilst often cast with thicknesses in excess of 25 mm these products remain easy to handle and Erect, and permit the architect or engineer an unrivaled freedom for creative design.

GRC does not suffer from Corrosion of the reinforcement. Unlike traditional concrete, GRC does not require a minimum of concrete cover to the reinforcement.


GRP - Glass Reinforced Plastics, popularly known as FRP in Asia and GRP Worldwide. GRP products are made using various grades of Glass Fibers in combination with polyester or Epoxy Resins.

Why GRC & GRP?

GRP and GRC today are making a significant contribution to the technology and aesthetics of the construction industry worldwide.

These Environment friendly composites, with its low consumption of energy are being used to manufacture great varieties of products. It has won firm friends among Architecs, Designers, Engineers, and end users for its flexible abilities to meet performance, appearance, and cost parameters.


Applies for all GRC and GRP products

  • Can be cast into fine details.
  • Can take any shape and any color.
  • Offers designers unrivaled flexibility.
  • Moldings and features are easy to handle and erect.
  • Does not suffer from corrosion.
  • Is environmentally friendly.
  • Is durable againts extreme weather conditions.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Offers a wide variety of shapes and surface finished.
  • Used as an insulation product.
  • Doesn't crack or break.
  • Moisture proof.
  • Fire proof.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Durable.